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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear to a church service?

A: You should wear what you want to wear. The choice is yours. You can wear anything from blue jeans and T-shirts to dress-clothes.

Q: I see that your Sunday morning service starts at 10:00 am on Sundays. How long can I expect each service to last?

A: Most morning services last approximately 50 minutes. We realize that you may have a busy schedule and we do try to respect your time.

Q: I have young children that I would like to bring to church.

A: We really do enjoy young children. We feel they are to be heard and not just seen. They are a very important part of our congregation. We will help in any way we can to help you and your children feel comfortable and welcome. We understand the challenges that young parents face. In our service, we have a special time just for children called "Time With the Children" where Pastor Ray talks with the children of the congregation and leaves them with a lesson that's easy for them to understand.

Q: What happens when I go to the morning church service?


  1. As you enter, a greeter will provide you with a program that will show the order of the worship service... and a smile!
  2. You will probably be welcomed warmly by other members of the congregation also.
  3. You will find a seat where you want to sit for the service.
  4. By following the program, you will be led step-by-step through the worship service, so even if you've never been in a church before, you'll know what's happening.

Q: What will be done during the service?

A: A worship service consists of singing songs, listening to readings from the Bible, a message from the pastor, prayers and a children's time. Sometimes, we will have someone volunteer to do special music where that person shares their talent with the congregation and on the first Sunday of each month communion is held during our service.

Q: What is Communion?

A: Communion is a portion of the service where readings are done from the liturgy. Grape juice and bread are then served to signify the blood and body of Jesus Christ. All people present, whether members of a church or not, are invited to partake of communion. Any person may participate who recognizes the need for God's growing presence and guidance in their lives.

Q: Will you pester me about coming back?

A: We try to thank you for coming without "pestering" you. We understand that it is your decision to make and we want you to feel comfortable with your decision.

Q: Where can I find files, newsletters, photos and other media from past years?

A: Our photo gallery and newsletter pages have all of our files from past years including photo albums, picture pages, newsletters, etc.

Q: Can I e-mail you with questions?

A: Absolutely. We welcome your questions and we will respond as soon as possible. You can contact us by visiting this page.

Q: Where is your church?

A: We're located off Highway 5 in Lovilia at 1602 S E Ave. 

1602 S E Ave Lovilia, IA 50150

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